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Journey Towards 3D world...!

A beginner-friendly live hands-on Boot camp to prepare you for a successful career in 3D game development with React Three Fiber. Last year 50 lucky students had participated and they loved it.

What will you learn?

The Game Dev is comprehensive yet beginner-friendly, delving into the realms of React Three Fiber and 3D dev. We will start by learning the essence of 3D graphics and the importance of mastering React and Game Dev. Exploring the diverse facets of 3D world, We will start by discovering what WebGL is and why using the R3F library is a must. We will then discover the various components of R3F and once the basics are acquired, we will move on to more advanced techniques, like building game, incorporating realistic physics, implementing interactive elements, crafting entire 3D scenes with animation, and more.

Upon completion of the boot-camp, you will have a profound understanding of React Three Fiber and adapt skills, providing you with the confidence to start your own 3D projects.


R3F - React Three Fiber

Learn how to develop cool 3D games using React Three Fiber and discover numerous techniques to get the best-looking scenes.

  5 lessons - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

1. Intro to the world of 3D Game Dev.

2. What is WebGL? Why React Three Fiber?

3. Learn basics of React and R3F.

4. Build from scratch your first cool looking 3D game "Inertia".

5. Deploy your game on vercel and invite others to play it.

Is this Boot camp for you?

The Boot camp is completely beginner friendly.

Curiosity and Enthusiasm

Curiosity, involvement and Enthusiasm

All you need is a genuine interest in 3D game development, little creativity and a curiosity to explore the world of R3F.

Basic Artistic Sense

No need to be great at JavaScript

All you need are JavaScript basics like variables, objects, arrays, loops, functions and events. We will learn the rest together.

No Previous Blender Experience Required

No Previous React Experience Required

This training is intended for absolute beginners and will explain the basics before tackling more advanced topics.

Access to a Computer

Access to a Computer

Access to a computer or laptop capable of running Node.JS v18 or more. Check the system requirements for R3F and ensure your computer meets or exceeds them.

Internet Connection

Internet Connection

A stable internet connection for accessing online resources and also to upload your work over the internet to generate a Publicly sharable link.

Our Astonishing Speakers

We are the students teaching students.

Meet Sahil K 👋!

"Hi, I'm Sahil, passionate about building immersive experiences with Three.JS and R3F. I have worked on many projects in the field of building interactive 3D experiences, frontend development game dev and which is accessible to everyone from their browser. If you want to check my projects visit my GitHub via the link below.

Personally I enjoy teaching because it's the medium through which you can share as well as learn a lot, that's why last year I coordinated Trinity-2023, and because of the great response and support, we are back this year again. I would love to interact with everyone who will participate in trinity-2024. Looking forward to meet you all at the event 😀".
-Sahil K.

What will you build?

We are gonna build a cartoon-style 3D car racing Game titled "Inertia".

Frequently Asked Questions

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What our students are saying?

Last year 50 students had the opportunity to attend Trinity-2023. Take a look at what a few of them have to say!